A consolidated DEFCON 31 schedule that hour by hour has all the Talks, Workshops, Labs, Villages in one place for your use.

Pick the format that works best for you.
This is very much a work in progress, please check back to get the latest.

One Page Schedule – View or download to view directly from the browser on your device.
Combines FAQs / News / Maps / Talks / Villages
v1 – BTV – DC – DL – RTV – WS, missing almost all villages, little QC so buggy
v2 – BHV – BICV – CHV – CLV – CON – more DC – DDV, more DL, HRV, ICSV,
MISC, Music, PHV, PLV, RCV, SEV, Social, XRV, overlay map, many bug fixes
v4 – BTV,TCV,TEV,ESV,RFV,LPV,MIV, VMV, more bug fixes
Multi Page Schedule     Thur     Fri     Sat     Sun – 
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public Google calendar – Recommended! View in Agenda mode
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csv                –  CSV file for your use, what ever you come up with.
mysql dump  –  Dump of MySQL database that is used to generate these files.

Production of the above files is not affiliated with DEFCON 31.
Use at your own risk.
Yes . . . despite my best efforts there are a few errors,
and there may be. . . nope! . . .WILL BE! . . . last minute changes to the schedule.
For the latest please check the Info Booths and screens during the Con.

If you notice any problems or something is missing please let me know. Constructive comments and additional event info is welcome.

Have a good DEFCON 31!
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Thanks and <claps> go out to aNullValue and the Infobooth crew for their assistance!

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