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Thanks to the InfoBooth crew for providing access to their backend database. <claps> to their hard work!

Combined Schedules of DEF CON, Villages, and everything else DC31

Hacker Tracker – Android and IOS – the official DEF CON schedule app
The ONE! – A consolidated DEFCON 31 schedule in multiple file formats – html, PDF, CSV, ICAL, epub, mobi, Google calendar – the official DEF CON InfoBooth site

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Hackers with Disabilities DEF CON 31 HDA Infopack
defconmusic – Schedule/News from the DC Artists & Entertainment ( A&E ) Department
DEFCONorg Twitch stream
defconmusic DEF CON Entertainment Twitch stream
defconmusic YouTube channel
DCTV – DEF CON TV: Twitch streams and Hotel TV channels
#badgelife spreadsheet of unofficial badges for DC31
@qumqats Twitter List of Village accounts to assist in watching Village happenings

Other cons during #SummerHackerCamp
Blackhat @BlackHatEvents FB Black Hat Events
BSides Las Vegas @BSidesLV FB @BSidesLV
Queercon @Queercon FB @queercon
The Diana Initiative @Dianainitiative FB @dianainitiative


DEF CON A&E – Resources – Rough Distances and Maps
Guide to Attending DEF CON 31
How to Survive Def Con 2022
OpSec For DEF CON 30
DCG 201 Hacker Double Summer 2023 Guides
Birds of a Feather-Resources for 2022 Hacker Summer Camp
Lonely Hackers Club – DEF CON n00b guide  –  reddit thread
The Lost Policymaker’s Guide to Hacker Summer Camp
Holon DEF CON 30 Preparation
DEF CON: The Survival Guide
Preparing for “Hacker Summer Camp”

General / previous years
DEF CON for N00bs
JK-47 – BSidesLV & DEFCON Conference Tips
Just another DEF CON guide
On Attending DefCon