Vendors List

Vendors attending DEF CON

This is a list by name and description of the Vendors that will be in the Vendor room at DEF CON 31

The Vendor room is in Caesars Forum – Forum Ballroom, 130-132, 134

1BitSquared LLC

1BitSquared’s mission is to provide high quality, cutting edge, affordable, Open-Source Hardware and Software for Embedded Hardware engineers and hackers. Our systems are designed for advanced hobbyists, as well as University and civilian research programs as well as educational programs.


Ascent-Portal provides an automated governance, security, and compliance platform that simplifies risk management and streamlines compliance. With the Ascent-Portal platform’s real-time compliance scoring, you can easily monitor your compliance posture and immediately identify areas for improvement, all while ensuring team accountability and reducing the compliance workload.

Bizarre Magic Inc.

Brian Brushwood, host of National Geographic’s Hacking the System, Discovery’s Scam School, The Modern Rogue on YouTube, and most importantly: the podcast “World’s Greatest Con.” We can’t say why, but you should probably get caught up on that podcast before DEF CON.

Black Hills Information Security

Specializing in pen testing, red teaming, and Active SOC. We share our knowledge through blogs, webcasts, open-source tools, and Backdoors & Breaches game.


Boardsource offers custom mechanical keyboards and accessories for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. With products ranging from DIY kits to premium aluminum boards, you’re sure to find something that interests you whether you’re new to the hobby or a seasoned veteran.

Capitol Technology University

Capitol Tech, accredited, non-profit university, offers over 17 cybersecurity degree programs at the bachelors, masters and doctoral level. Capitol Tech is one of the few universities in the nation offering cyberpsychology and offensive cyber engineering.

Cigent Technology, Inc.

Cigent, leaders in data recovery and removal, have built a storage device (for laptops, desktops, external media) with built-in data security. The drive by default makes data “invisible” – unreadable at the sector level, requiring MFA and Cigent software to access the storage. Advanced key creation and storage methodology have been implemented making it virtually impossible(?) to access the key. Additionally there is a dedicated microprocessor that monitors for attempts to wipe or clone the drive, boot off of an alternate OS, or ransom the drive – the drive automatically protects the data if it is attacked. It also has full drive erasure with unique firmware verification that confirms every block was truly wiped. Oh and wait – there’s more…!

Cryptocurrency Hackers

Experience modern finance technology first hand by visiting the Cryptocurrency Hackers stand at the Defcon vendor area. We distribute items relating to a number of projects including Monero, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. Show your cryptohacker colours with high quality wearables and custom badges. Try new devices and electronics, with access to the designers on site. Inform yourself of cryptocurrency science by exploring our infocard display rack. Our stand is your one stop shop for cryptocurrency hacker items and information.

DEF CON 31 CFP Review Panel

DEF CON 31 CFP Review Panel

DEF CON Communications

The content associated with this organization is content that is appearing on a main stage during DEF CON 31, or has otherwise been specifically blessed by the conference. It was not organized by a village.


Purveyors of limited edition clothing, music, art, stickers and more. Unique 0-day swag just for DEF CON 31. Follow the music in the vending area to find our booth!


EFF is the leading defender of online civil liberties. We promote innovator rights, defend free expression, fight illegal surveillance, and protect rights and freedoms as our use of technology grows.

Hack The Box

Hack The Box is a leading gamified cybersecurity upskilling, certification, and talent assessment platform enabling individuals, businesses, government institutions, and universities to sharpen their offensive and defensive security expertise. They bring together the largest global cybersecurity community of more than 2M platform members and is on a mission to create and connect cyber-ready humans and organizations through highly engaging hacking experiences that cultivate out-of-the-box thinking. For more information, please visit

Hacker Warehouse

HACKER WAREHOUSE is your one stop shop for hacking equipment. We understand the importance of tools and gear which is why we carry only the highest quality gear from the best brands in the industry. From RF Hacking to Hardware Hacking to Lock Picks, we carry equipment that all hackers need. Check us out at


HackerBoxes is the monthly subscription box for hardware hacking, DIY electronics, cybersecurity, and hacker culture. Each monthly HackerBox includes a carefully curated collection of projects, components, modules, tools, supplies, and exclusive items. HackerBox hackers connect online as a community of experience, support, and ideas. Your HackerBox subscription is like having a tiny hacker convention in your mailbox every month.

Hak5 LLC

Discover the devices that have found their way into the hearts and tool-kits of the modern hacker. Notable for ease of use. Celebrated by geek culture. From comprehensive WiFi audits to covert network implants and physical access mayhem – Hak5 Gear gets the job done.


HotWAN is offering 3 main products: 1) Video Jig (Prototype) – Protect the Human Against Intrusive AI 2) Pen Test Assistant (rev 3) – Automation of Open Source Hacker Tools, Mind Maps, Manual Testing Aid for Red Teams and Penetration Testers. Now, Virtual Machine and Raspberry Pi4 options 3) Boot Monkey (rev 2) – Wireless Robotic Finger for laptop’s power button and anti- screenlocking mechanism

Keyport, Inc.

Keyport® combines keys, pocket tools, & smart tech into one secure everyday multi-tool. We will be selling our latest modular product line (co-branded DEFCON 31 Editions) including the Keyport Pivot, Slide, Modules, Inserts, and accessories.


Lacework offers the data-driven security platform for the cloud and is the leading cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) solution. Only Lacework can collect, analyze, and accurately correlate data — without requiring manually written rules — across an organization’s cloud and Kubernetes environments, and narrow it down to the security events that matter.

Mar Williams

Mar Williams is DEFCON’s resident artist, created this year’s official DEFCON badge, and has had a hand in informing the aesthetic of the conference since DC17. You can find their art throughout the hallways, on defcon tshirts, stickers and other swag. Mar will have high quality, signed prints of their DEFCON art available, as well as a selection of other art, stickers, plushes, and vaguely cat shaped baubles. Follow @spuxo on IG or

Miscreants LLC

Miscreants is creating clothing for hackers heavily influenced by streetwear and security culture, looking to document the past, present, and future of cybersecurity history. As a brand, we strive to deliver original pieces that belong in your closet for decades.

Netool LLC

The Pro2, network engineering in your pocket. Connects to your iOS or Android device to detect a list of protocol including Tagged VLANs, CDP, LLDP, DHCP and more. Configure switches by a press of a button.

No Starch Press, Inc.

No Starch Press has been publishing the finest in geek entertainment since 1994. Come by to see our latest books, t-shirts and swag, and meet some of authors and our founder, Bill Pollock. Everything is discounted!

Nuand LLC

Nuand is proud to join DEFCON this year and present new bladeRF products! Our versatile and high-performance bladeRF platform empowers researchers, developers, and security professionals to explore the wireless spectrum like never before. With capabilities that extend from radio-frequency analysis to security, our open-source ecosystem fosters innovation in radio communication and cybersecurity. Visit our booth to experience firsthand the power of bladeRF and meet our team of experts, who are passionate about providing the tools necessary to unlock new frontiers in wireless technology.


OpenVPN® is a leading global private networking and cybersecurity company that allows organizations to truly safeguard their assets in a dynamic, cost effective, and scalable way. With more than 60 million downloads of the core open source software and over 20,000 commercial customers, OpenVPN is changing the way the world thinks about online security.

PhysSec Education (Physical Security Village)

The Physical Security Village (formerly Lock Bypass Village) will be present in the vendor area too this year, loaded with physical hacking gear! We will have bypass tools, common keyed-alike keys, handcuffs, village swag, and more. We’ll have hands-on exhibits in the Village area where you can go and try out your new toys right away, without ever leaving DEF CON! Whether you’re new to hacking the physical world, or a seasoned pro, we’re sure we’ll have something for your needs (or at least… something you really want but totally don’t need). All proceeds go towards the cost of putting on the village each year.

Salty Security

Salty Security offers uniquely themed and originally designed merchandise that caters to the hacker mindset and lifestyle. Come by our booth for all your sticker, apparel and tech gadget needs, or find us online at!

Science & Design, Inc.

Science & Design is a new non-profit that builds free and open-source, public-interest software and helps other non-profits do the same. Our members have worked on ubiquitous software, including OnionShare, DDoSecrets, CalyxOS, Signal, Riseup, and more. Stop by our booth to learn about our organization, get a free usability consultation for your software, and participate in user research!


SLNT Faraday products empower humanity to reclaim their right to disconnect. Our effortless signal blocking gear fits into everyday routines, making navigating modern life safer and healthier.


Manufacturer of Lock Picks & COVERT ENTRY TOOLS With the largest selection of lock picks, covert entry and SERE tools available at DEF CON it¹s guaranteed we will have gear you have not seen before. New tools and classics will be on display and available for sale in a hands on environment. Our Product range covers Custom toolsets, Dimple picks, Disc Picks, Entry Tools, Practice locks, Bypass tools, Urban Escape & Evasion hardware and items that until recently were sales restricted. SPARROWS LOCK PICKS will be displaying a full range of gear including the newly released All Access bump keys, Dimple picks and The Monkey Paw. The “Folder” prototype will also be available for its first public viewing. All products will be demonstrated at various times and can be personally tested for use and Efficacy.

SquareX Pte Ltd

SquareX presents “Hackers: Superheroes of the Digital Age” – a hacker comic book series that explores the often-misunderstood world of Hackers and Hacking. The series challenges the negative portrayal of hackers in mainstream media and showcases them as individuals who want to take on world problems with the one weapon they have — knowledge! Follow along as our protagonists navigate the complexities of being vigilante hackers and learn about the inner workings of real-life hacks. This thrilling series will have you on the edge of your seat, but beware: not everything goes as expected! Get a glimpse into the world of hacking and see these superheroes in a whole new light.

Start9 Labs, Inc

Privacy and free speech are fundamental human rights and essential ingredients for a free society. Human history demonstrates that, when entrusted to others, these rights are invariably denied, resulting in great suffering. As such, it is necessary for individuals to protect their own privacy and right to speak freely. Fortunately, modern technologies, in the form of personal computers, encryption, and open, decentralized network protocols such as the Internet and Bitcoin, make this a real possibility. What is needed is a revolution in personal computing away from the current, hosted, custodial model that breeds dependency and corruption, towards a decentralized model, where individuals have absolute control over their data and communications. Start9 is empowering the community behind this movement with open source tools and education.

The Calyx Institute

The Calyx Institute’s mission is to educate the public about privacy in digital communications and to develop tools that anyone can use. By embracing “privacy by design,” we help make digital security and privacy more accessible to everyone. Members who support our nonprofit mission receive great membership perks like a hotspot with unlimited mobile data, a Pixel phone with CalyxOS privacy-focused operating system pre-installed, and more. Visit or stop by our booth to learn more!

The Open Organisation of Lockpickers

The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers is back as always, offering a wide selection of tasty lock goodies for both the novice and master lockpicker! A variety of commercial picks, handmade picks, custom designs, practice locks, handcuffs, cutaways, and other neat tools will be available for your perusing and enjoyment! Stop by our table for interactive demos of this fine lockpicking gear or just to pick up a T-shirt and show your support for locksport. All sales exclusively benefit Toool, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. You can purchase picks from many fine vendors, but ours is the only table where you know that 100% of your money goes directly back to the hacker community.

The OWASP Foundation Inc.

The Open Web Application Security Project® (OWASP) is a nonprofit foundation that works to improve the security of software. Through community-led open-source software projects, hundreds of local chapters worldwide, tens of thousands of members, and leading educational and training conferences, the OWASP Foundation is the source for developers and technologists to secure the web.

The SecOps Inc.

The SecOps Group ( is a globally recognized IT security company having vast experience of providing cyber security consultancy and education services. Our core business comprises two units, consultancy and education. The SecOps Group offer CREST accredited security consultancy services and through our exams, we provide an authentic and credible certification program that is up-to-date and represents real life business risks. The SecOps Group also runs a free pentest learning platform called “Vulnmachines”. Please see our booth at Defcon and ask us how you can take a FREE exam.

The Tor Project, Inc.

The Tor Project is a nonprofit developing free and open source software to protect people from tracking, censorship, and surveillance online. Tor’s mission is to advance human rights and freedoms by creating and deploying free and open source anonymity and privacy technologies, supporting their unrestricted availability and use, and furthering their scientific and popular understanding. Stop by our table to learn more, pick up some gear, and find out how you can get involved.

Transportation Security Administration

TSA is leading the U.S. Government in a new effort to improve cybersecurity resilience by using outcome-focused measures in an effort that facilitates performance, rather than a prescriptive one-size-fits all approach. Stop by our booth and hear more about TSA and opportunities we might have available.

University of Advancing Technology

UAT is an elite intimate private college in Tempe, AZ focused on educating students in advancing technology who desire to innovate in the areas of emerging technology disciplines including Advancing Computer Science, Information Security, Game and New Media technologies.

Women in Security and Privacy

Women in Security and Privacy is a global non-profit committed to advancing women and underrepresented communities to lead the future of privacy and security. WISP’s annual programming includes educational and skills workshops, mentoring and networking events, and career advancement and leadership training. WISP also provides stipends and scholarships for women and people from underrepresented communities to attend conferences and to receive training and certifications.

Xcape, Inc.

Pentesting products and services made by hackers for hackers. Cellular products and services for the sneakiest out of band connectivity on engagements.


We all know the only VPN you can 100% trust is the one you setup yourself. The next best option is VPN.XXX! No accounts and no storage of personal information and no logging ever! Whether you’re a hacker, security professional, or simply someone who wants to protect their personal information, our VPN client is the solution for you. Our VPN client also features a direct connection to the TOR network, giving you even more options for anonymous browsing.