DEF CON 32 on the go

The ONE!

One Schedule to Rule them All!
A consolidated DEFCON 32 schedule that hour by hour has all the Talks, Workshops, Labs, Villages in one place for your use.


If you’ve read this far, then you’re interested in the DEF CON convention, and you’re looking for information. You want to plan for your upcoming trip. You’ve come to the right place. This post is trying to bring everything DEF CON together for you.

You can break down DEF CON activities into two categories, DEF CON, and Villages.

DEF CON – defcon.org has info on these

  • Four DEF CON talk tracks – Forum – brief talks 1/2 to 2 hours long
  • Workshops – Forum – longer, more detailed, hands on, lasting half a day. These have limited seating. These will fill up VERY quickly! The list of DC32 Workshops is expected to be posted to the Forum on June 15, with registration opening at PDT Noon on July 7th
  • Demo Labs – Forum – brief demonstrations for people to show off their project
  • Paid TrainingForum – 2 day training sessions on the Mon and Tue after DEF CON. There will be an additional cost for these
  • Contests – Forum – various contests, some lasting all 4 days of DEF CON, some short time on stage
  • Communities – Forum – Things like Vendors and Exhibitors that don’t fit in as Villages
  • CaptureTheFlag – The year end final rounds for qualifying teams of the CTF being run by Nautilus Institute, Twitter @Nautilus_CTF.
  • Social Events, Meetups, on stage Music, Parties, etc. – Forum

Villages – Each Village has it’s own sources of info, best sources would usually be the villages own Website and Twitter account – View the Village Table page for links to these

  • Each Village, as it’s name may imply, specializes in a topic or aspect of security or computers
  • DEF CON provides space and support for the Villages
  • The Villages are NOT run by DEF CON
  • The Villages are run and staffed by volunteers separate from DEF CON
  • Each Village has it’s own separate Call For Papers and other activities
  • Each Village has it’s own web site, Twitter account, and schedule of events/Talks/Parties/CTF/etc. or whatever activities are run by that Village
  • Links for Village Info – Village TableForum Listdefcon.org list

This results in the info you need for planning being all over the place on a multitude of websites. That’s the target of this page/post. Bring links of all the info on the websites to one place, here. There are 3 sources that I’m aware of that combine all DEF CON, Village, and other events into one list.

Hacker Tracker – Android and IOS – the official DEF CON schedule app
The ONE! – A consolidated DEFCON 32 schedule – html, PDF, CSV, ICAL, epub, mobi, Google calendar
info.defcon.org – the official DEF CON InfoBooth site

None of these have much DC32 info yet, they either aren’t working, have nothing, or have last years info.

You won’t be able to do meaningful schedule planning until June or July and more info starts getting announced.

I’ll be updating this between now and the start of DC32 as things change and get announced. Don’t surprised about last minute schedules being released and changes to existing schedules up to the last day or two before DC32.