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One Schedule to Rule them All!

A consolidated DEFCON 25 schedule that has all the Talks, Workshops, Labs, Villages in one place for your use.

Pick the format that works best for you.

This is very much a work in progress, please check back to get the latest.

epub ( Nook ) mobi ( kindle ) Load the Defcon schedule into your eBook reader.
Combines FAQs / News / Talks / Maps
v5 - hardware and car hacking villages, ical and cvs files, public Google calendar, link on event description to add to users Google calendar
v4 - corrections, IOT talk descriptions, night life round 2, WOS workshops, Wireless village, 416 events, 483 speakers, 14 villages
v3 - BIO hacking, Voter Machine hacking, SkyTalks, Industrial Control hacking, Recon village, misc corrections
v2 - Crypto Village ( CPV ) added, 1st round of Night Life added
v1 - DC schedule derived from speaker page, includes DC speakers and talk descriptions, DemoLabs, IOT, Workshops, WallOfSheep, SEV
html View or download to view directly from the browser on your device.
csv CSV file for your use, what ever you come up with.
ical ical file to import into your calendar, pubic Google calendar from this file

Production of the above files is not affiliated with DEFCON 25.
Use at your own risk.
Yes . . . despite my best effors there are a few errors, and there may be...WILL BE last minute changes to the schedule.
For the latest please check the info booths and screens during the Con.

If you notice any problems or something is missing please let me know. Constructive comments and additional event info is welcome.

Have a good DEFCON 25!
Twitter: @qumqats

to/do list of enhancements:
add other villages schedules as released
double check locations page
enhance maps
add general info page for workshops, demolabs, etc


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