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A consolidated DEFCON 26 schedule that hour by hour has all the Talks, Workshops, Labs, Villages in one place for your use.

Pick the format that works best for you.

This is very much a work in progress, please check back to get the latest.

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v1 - Social Engineering Village, DEF CON Speakers, Workshops and DemoLabs,
         Packet Hacking Village Talks and Workshops, SkyTalks, Data Duplication Village,
         Blue Team Village, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Open Security Village,
         Ethics Village, Recon Village, Hardware Hacking Village, Venue maps added,
         Locations updated with keys, Location Keys linked to Maps, Bio Hacking Village,
         Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) Village, Car Hacking Village, Contests & Events events added,
         Parties & Meetups events added, Crypto Privacy Village added,
         Internet Of Things Village ( IoT ) added, Industrial Control Systems ( ICS ) Village added,
         Voting Machine Hacking Village added, Wireless Village added, Puff Puff Hack Village added,
         ics calander link added
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For the latest please check the info booths and screens during the Con.

If you notice any problems or something is missing please let me know. Constructive comments and additional event info is welcome.

Have a good DEFCON 26!
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Villages with talks

AI Village   -  T  @AIvillage_DC
BioHacking Village   -  T  @DC_BHV
BlockChain Open Security Village   -  T  @BCOSvillage
Blue Team Village   -  T  @BlueTeamVillage
Car Hacking Village   -  T  @CarHackVillage
Crypto and Privacy Village   -  T  @CryptoVillage
Data Duplication Village   -  T  @DDV_DC
Ethics Village   -  T  @EthicsVillage
Hardware Hacking Village   -  T  @DC_HHV
ICS Village   -  T  @ICS_Village
IoT Village   -  T  @ISEsecurity   -  T  @IOTvillage
Puff Hack Village   -  T  @puffhackvillage
Recon Village   -  T  @ReConVillage   -  FB  @ReConVillage
303 SkyTalks Home   -  T  @DCSkyTalks   -  FB  @DCSkyTalks
Social Engineering Village   -  T  @HumanHacker
Voting Machine Hacking Village   -  T  @VotingVillageDC
Packet Hacking Village/Wall of Sheep   -  T  @WallOfSheep   -  FB  @WallOfSheep
Wireless Village   -  T  @WiFi_Village

Villages without known talks

Badge Makers Community Area - part of the Hardware Hacking Village
CAAD Village   -  T  @GeekPwn
Deaf Con   -  T  @_DEAFCON_
Drone Warz VIllage   -  T  @Drone_Warz
Laser Cutting Village
DEFCON Law Village   -  T  @DefConLaw
Lockpick Village   -  T  @toool
Mobile Museum
Soldering Skills Village
Tamper Evident Village
VX Chip-Off Village   -  T  @vxresearch
Vet Con   -  T  @VetConActual

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