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DEF CON 30 on the go

The ONE!

One Schedule to Rule them All!

A consolidated DEFCON 30 schedule that hour by hour has all the Talks, Workshops, Labs, Villages in one place for your use.

Pick the format that works best for you.

This is very much a work in progress, please check back to get the latest.

One Page Schedule - not released View or download to view directly from the browser on your device.
Combines FAQs / News / Maps / Talks / Villages
v1 - not there yet! nothing released
Multi Page Schedule     Thur     Fri     Sat     Sun - not released
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public Google calendar - not released Recommended! View in Agenda mode
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csv                - not released CSV file for your use, what ever you come up with.
mysql dump  - not released Dump of MySQL database that is used to generate these files.

Production of the above files is not affiliated with DEFCON 30.
Use at your own risk.
Yes . . . despite my best effors there are a few errors, and there may be...WILL BE last minute changes to the schedule.
For the latest please check the info booths and screens during the Con.

If you notice any problems or something is missing please let me know. Constructive comments and additional event info is welcome.

Have a good DEFCON 30!
Twitter: @qumqats

Thanks and <claps> go out to aNullValue and the Infobooth crew for their assistance!
Archive of past years
to/do list of enhancements:
make Forum post
setup twitter feed monitoring
setup rss feed and monitoring, reddit/forum
add source revision control
write new FAQ and Intro to DC
do memories BLOG post on DC forum


DEF CON . org

Main DEF CON site
DEF CON 30 Home Page
DEF CON Recent News
DEF CON CTF Nautilus Institute, Twitter @Nautilus_CTF
DEF CON Call for Papers

DEF CON      Forum Calendar
DEF CON 30 Planning Forum page
DEF CON 30 Villages Forum page
DEF CON 30 Contests Forum page

Thanks to the InfoBooth crew for providing access to their backend database. <claps> to their hard work!

Villages Info

One Page Villages List with descriptions

Village Name
Home Page
Social Media
Adversary Village Forum TW @AdversaryVillag
IG @AdversaryVillage
LI @adversaryvillage
FB @AdversaryVillage
TI @AdversaryVillage
YT link
Aerospace Village Forum TW @secureaerospace
LI @aerospace-village
TW @hack_a_sat
AppSec Village Forum TW @AppSec_Village
LI @appsecvillage
Artificial Intelligence Village Forum TW @aivillage_dc
TI @aivillage
YT link
Bio Hacking Village Forum TW @dc_bhv
LI @biohacking-village
TI @biohackingvillage
SP link
Blacks in Cybersecurity Forum TW @BlackInCyberCo1
IG @blackincyberconf
TI @blacksincybersecurity
YT link
LI @blackincyberconference
PT @blacksincybersecurity
FB @blackincyberconf
Blockchain Village Forum TW @BCOSvillage
Blue Team Village Forum TW @BlueTeamVillage
TI @blueteamvillage
Car Hacking Village Forum TW @CarHackVillage
Cloud Village Forum TW @cloudvillage_dc
Crypto Privacy Village Forum TW @cryptovillage
YT link
TI @cryptovillage
Data Duplication Village Forum TW @DDV_DC
Girls Hack Village Forum TW @girlshackvllg
IG @blackgirlshack
Ham Radio Village Forum TW @HamRadioVillage
TI @HamRadioVillage
Hardware Hacking
Soldering Skills Village
Forum TW @DC_HHV
Industrial Control Systems Village Forum TW @ICS_Village
LI @icsvillage
YT link
TI @ics_village
Internet Of Things Village Forum TW @iotvillage
TW @ISEsecurity
TW @Villageidiotlab
LI @iotvillage
TI @iotvillage
Lock Pick Village Forum TW @toool
TI @toool_us
MisInformation Village TW @MisinfoVillage
TW @misinfocon
Packet Hacking Village Forum TW @wallofsheep
FB @wallofsheep
TI @wallofsheep
Password Village Forum TW @PasswordVillage
TI @passwordvillage
YT link
Payment Village Forum TW @paymentvillage
TI @paymentvillage
YT link
Physical Security Village Forum TW @bypassvillage
TI @bypassvillage
Policy Village
Quantum Village Forum TW @quantum_village
Radio Frequency Village Forum TW @rfhackers
TW @rf_ctf
Recon Village Forum TW @ReconVillage
FB @reconvillage
Red Team Village Forum TW @RedTeamVillage_
TI @redteamvillage
Retail Hacking Village Forum TW @RetailHacking
Rogues Village Forum TW @RoguesVillage
TI @roguesvillage
TW @foursuits_co
SkyTalks - 303 TW @dcskytalks
FB @Skytalks
Social Engineering Village Forum TW @sec_defcon
Tamper Evident Village Forum
Voting Machine Village Forum TW @votingvillagedc
YT link

Open Calls

VillageCall For Info
DEF CON Call for Music, closes June 1
Aerospace Village Call For Everything, closes June 30
Artificial Intelligence Village Twitter Call 4 Papers closes June 22
Blacks in Cybersecurity Call for papers, closes June 1
Car HackingVillage Twitter Call 4 Papers closes June 24
Cloud Village Call for Papers, Volunteers, Sponsors, closes June 5
Crypto & Privacy Village Call for Presentations and Workshops, closes June 15
Data Duplication Village Call for Papers closes June 26
Girls Hack Village Call for proposal
Ham Radio Village Calls for Papers Staff VEs
Hardware Hacking and
Soldering Skills Village
Calls for Papers and Volunteers
Industrial Control Systems
( ICS ) Village
Twitter Call 4 Papers, closes June 24
Lock Pick Village Twitter Call 4 Content
MisInformation Village Call for Proposals, closes June 24
Physical Security Village Calls for Proposals, Exhibits, Volunteers
closes by July 1
Twitter call 4 Displays
Quantum Village Twitter call 4 Participation
Recon Village Twitter call 4 Papers, closes June 15
Red Team Village Twitter call 4 Volunteers
Twitter call 4 Workshops
Twitter call 4 Sponsors
Retail Hacking Village Calls for Talks, Staff
Rogues Village Call for Papers
SkyTalks / 303 Call for Presentations, closes May 31
Social Engineering Village Calls for Everything
closes May 27, June 3, May 27, June 10
Voting Machine Village Twitter call 4 Papers, closes June 13

Villages Waiting for Calls

Blockchain Village
Internet Of Things Village
Packet Hacking Village
Password Village
Payment Village
Policy Village
Radio Frequency Village
Tamper Evident Village

Villages with Completed Calls

DEF CON Call for Papers closed May 1
DEF CON Call for Demo Labs closed May 1
DEF CON Call for Workshops closed May 1
DEF CON Call for Parties & Meetups closed April 30
DEF CON Call for Training closed May 16
Adversary Village Call For Papers closed May 15
AppSec Village Call For Papers closed May 10
Blue Team Village Call for Content closed May 15
Bio Hacking Village calls for Equipment, Papers, Workshops closed April 30

Contests Info

One Page Contest List with descriptions

Contest Info
Auto Driving CTF
Contest Info
Beverage Cooling Contraption Contest
Contest Info
Car Hacking CTF
Contest Info
Contest Info
Crash and Compile
Contest Info
Creative Writing Short Story Contest
Contest Info
Contest Info
DEF CON 30 Chess Tournament.
Contest Info
DEF CON Bike Ride
Contest Info
DEF CON Kubernetes Capture the Flag (CTF)
Contest Info
Contest Info
Contest Info
DEF CON Scavenger Hunt
Contest Info
DEF CONs Next Top Threat Model
Contest Info
EFF Tech Trivia
Contest Info
Hack Fortress
Contest Info
Hack the Plan[e]t
Contest Info
Hack3r Runw@y
Contest Info
Hacker Jeopardy
Contest Info
Hospital Under Seige
Contest Info
IoT CTF Creators Challenge
Contest Info
IoT Shit in a Cube
Contest Info
IoT Village Hacking CTF
Contest Info
Maps of the Digital Lands
Contest Info
Octopus Game
Contest Info
Radio Frequency Capture the Flag
Contest Info
Red Alert ICS CTF
Contest Info
Sticker Design Contest
Contest Info
The BIC Village Capture the Flag
Contest Info
The Gold Bug
Contest Info
The Hack-n-Attack Hacker Homecoming Heist
Contest Info
The Schemaverse Championship
Contest Info
The TeleChallenge
Contest Info
Tin Foil Hat Contest
Contest Info
Trace Labs OSINT Search Party CTF
Contest Info
Whose Slide Is It Anyway
Contest Info

Other Interesting Links

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DCFurs 2022 website
@qumqats Twitter List of Village accounts to assist in watching Village happenings
Mental Health Hackers and their Call for Papers

Hacker Tracker - Android and IOS - the official DEF CON schedule app
The ONE! - A consolidated DEFCON 30 schedule - html, PDF, CSV, ICAL, epub, mobi, Google calendar - the official DEF CON InfoBooth site

Other cons during #SummerHackerCamp
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BSides Las Vegas @BSidesLV
r00tz Asylum @r00tzasylum
Queercon @Queercon FB @queercon
The Diana Initiative @Dianainitiative FB @dianainitiative


Birds of a Feather-Resources for 2022 Hacker Summer Camp
The Lost Policymaker's Guide to Hacker Summer Camp
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